Número 6 - Junio de 2018


Edita: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
Año edición: 2018
ISSN: 2174-9655
Dep. Legal: M-40482-2011

International Congress on High-speed Rail: Technologies and Long Term Impacts - Vol. II
Ciudad Real (Spain), Octubre, 2017

Impacts on Mobility

The demand in a railway corridor after the HSR
César Folgueira, Lorenzo Jaro

Intermodal passenger transport in Spanish high-speed rail stations
César Folgueira, Lorenzo Jaro

High-speed rail in developing countries and potential inequalities of use: the case of Morocco
Marie Delaplace

Airline and railway disintegration in China: the case of Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub
Moshe Givoni, Xueming Chen

Urban Impacts

The rail traveller, pedestrian or customer? Passenger flow and retail: critical boundary objects in HS Station development
Nacima Baron

South Madrid and High Speed. An example of symbiosis
Juan Ayrault Pérez

Central versus Peripheral High-Speed Rail Stations: Opportunities For Companies to Relocate? The cases of Reims Central Station and Champagne-Ardenne Station
Christophe Beckerich, Sylvie Benoit, Marie Delaplace

Which way to the city centre? Pedestrian itineraries between High Speed Rail stations and historic centres. Assessing urban quality and tourist behaviour through GPS tracks in Toledo
José María Coronado, Amparo Moyano, Vicente Romero de Ávila, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Lázaro, Rita Ruiz Fernández

Processes, urban impact and evaluation of the high-speed rail in the city of Zaragoza, Spain
Andrés Fernández-Ges

Long Term Implications of HSR on Small cities: Ciudad Real and Puertollano revisited 25 years after the arrival of the HSR
José María Coronado, José María Ureña

Impacts of station accessibility and regional heterogeneity on HSR ridership
Junghwa Kim, Yeun-Touh Li, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker

High-speed rail and urban development in Spain from 1992 to 2016
José Luis Miralles i Garcia

Study of Transit-Oriented Development model implementation on the surroundings of Alicante high-speed rail station
David Bautista Rodríguez, Armando Ortuño Padilla, Patricia Fernández Aracil, Juan Carlos Sánchez Galiano, Antonio Mompó Guerra

Urban Regeneration on railway lands
Silvia Pérez del Caño García

Territorial and Enviromental Impacts

The railway station as link of electromobilty
Antonio Berrios Villalba, José Conrado Martínez Acevedo, Carlos Tobajas Guerra, Antonio Gómez Alors

Regional diffusion and adoption effects on HSR demand expansion
Junghwa Kim, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Yeun-Touh Li, Fumiaki Demizu

Perspectives of territorial development linked to the future high-performance rail lines in Eastern Andalusia
Alejandro Luis Grindlay, Miguel Huertas-Fernández, F. Emilio Molero-Melgarejo

A methodological approach to analyze the territorial appropriation of high-speed rail from interactions between actions and representations of local actors
Valérie Facchinetti-Mannone

The configurations of Chinese national urban systems in both high-speed railway and airline networks
Haoran Yang, Frédéric Dobruszkes, Jiao’e Wang, Martin Dijst

Sustainability of HSR as a mass transportation mode in terms of efficient use of natural resources
Inara Watson, Ali Amer, Ali Bayyati

Impactos del AVE en la cohesión territorial: Un análisis de los cambios en la accesibilidad en el periodo 1990-2015
Andrés Monzón, Elena López, Emilio Ortega

General and network aspects of HSR

Los Angeles-Boston: 20h on High Speed
Luis Fort, Carmen Fort

Low cost in high-speed train in France. Customer-king and the public service guillotine
Marnix Dressen

Evolution of the role of the Consultant Engineer in High-speed Railway Projects along the last 25 years, in Spain
Adrián Escobar, Enrique Rico, Jorge Escobar

Customer personalisation and service efficiency: the pillars of the new Renfe business policy
Francisco Cañamero Palacios

Atlas-rail: geo-referenced database on high-speed
Sergio Martín Cabo, Luis Eduardo Mesa Santos, Iván Palacio Vijande

High Speed Rail in Spain - a statement from a foreign expert
Sven Andersen

High Speed Railway in Saudi Arabia: Lessons to be learnt from the Spanish experience
Alejandro Ortega, Hamad Almujibah, John Preston

Methodology to determine the optimal design speed in a High-Speed Line
Ignacio González Franco