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[Artículo] - Automatic gauge changing for freight. The OGI project 
Anibal Piqueras, Joan Saura, Francisco Paños 
[Artículo] - Current situation and prospects of electric traction systems used in High-Speed railways 
José Conrado Martínez Acevedo, Antonio Berrios Villalba, Eugenio Peregrín García 
[Artículo] - Implementation proposal of new systems through IoT, to develop the Predictive Maintenance in the High Speed Railways Infrastructures & Systems. 
Israel Herrero Sánchez 
[Libro] - Study of the vibratory behavior of railway tracks through numerical simulation 
Ayoub Zougari 
[Libro] - The transformation of the great european stations with the arrival of the high speed rail. The Atocha case 
Borja Aróstegui Chapa 
[Artículo] - Reflections on the concept of high-speed network density 
Iván Palacio Vijalde y Luis E. Mesa Santos 
[Artículo] - NEOBALLAST: Seeking the ballast of the future 
N. Manzo Costanzo, A. López Pita,V. Fontserè, J.A. Casado, I. Carrascal, S. Diego 
[Artículo] - High Speed in the Desert: Haramain High Speed Railway Line (HHSRL) 
Luis Fort López-Tello 
[Artículo] -  Effect of the design speed on the construction cost of the infrastructure 
Ignacio González Franco 
[Artículo] - High Speed Railway in U.S.A. (U.S.H.S.R.S.). Signalling and Train Control: ARTMS System 
Luis Fort López-Tello, Carmen Fort Santa-María 
[Artículo] - Validation of ventilation models in subway and railway tunnels 
Ana Belén Amado García 
[Artículo] - Extension of standard gauge to Zaragoza for freight trains 
Eduardo Palacín Biarge 
[Artículo] - Application of the RCM methodology to the maintenance of the point machines in the West Light Rail Lines 
Juan Ignacio Romero, Óscar Díez Bayón 
[Artículo] - Problematic of level crossings on the 1,668 mm network and preventive action in 1975-2009 
José Perlasia Giol 
[Artículo] - Nominal and Real kilometer points analysis of the correlation in the geometry of the railway line 
José Gómez Castaño, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, Jaime Zamorano 
[Artículo] - Study of the Rail Corrugation in a track with elastic material under concrete plate through the analysis of its vibratory behavior 
Carla García Román 
[Artículo] - Brake test unit for marshalling yard of freight wagons 
Sergio Granda Torres 
[Artículo] - Embankment compacting treatment in section 208/100 - 208/200 of the Calatayud-Valencia line by means of injections of hydraulic fracturing with stable cement grout through sleeve tubes 
José Manuel López Moreno 
[Artículo] - Analysis of a track with frame sleepers 
Fernando Romero Zaragüeta 
[Artículo] - Fault diagnosis in track circuits based on fuzzy models 
Nuno Silvério Barrento; José Maria Coutinho Guerra 

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