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Railway applications to help the exploitation of management control traffic centers in railway network


Author/s: Juan Carlos Enrique Gordillo

This article describes a set of three separate applications that are running on the Control Traffic Center of Basque Country Railway Network ETS-RFV which complement the rest of applications of control centers. The first, called “Intrages”, manages all aspects in relation to the Work Intervals and Safety Register Book of Traffic.

The second is about the computing telephone message book that assumes the register of phone telecommunications that were registered on a piece of paper. The last one is a planning application called “Plaser2010” that has the necessary functions in order to organize the whole planning.

These tools contribute to improve the management, register, planning and control of some of the most important daily aspects in the railway exploitation.

Keywords: Work intervals, telephone message book, planning, safety register, temporary speed limitation.

Publication:  Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 11, December 2016, pp. 5-29


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