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Reducing High-Speed Rail Costs by Combined Double-Single Tracks


Author/s: Zacarías Grande, Julia Torralbo, José Manuel Lobera, Santos Sánchez-Cambronero, Enrique Castillo

This paper aims to demonstrate the advantages of the Alternate Double-Single track (ADST) solution with respect to the traditional double track alternative for railway line design. The paper starts with an introduction and a summary along with a description of the ADST approach and its main advantages. For illustration purposes two real cases, which use this procedure, have been described.

The Santander-Bilbao and the Vitoria-Zaragoza line proposals are analysed in some detail showing the important savings and performances when compared with the double and single track solutions. Finally, some conclusions and recommendations are given.

Keywords: Railway line design, rational investment analysis, optimization, rail capacity, relative travel time

Publication: 360.high speed magazine Nº 5 - June 2018, pp. 281-299


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