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Beneficts of public participation in the study and design of railroads alternatives


Author/s: Sofía Agustín Escriche

The main objective of this work is to detect the benefits of integrating public participation in the design of railway lines. To do this, the research technique which has been used is the “case study” (qualitative research) of the high-speed railway between Poitiers and Limoges in France. The research concluded that the integration of public participation in the design of railroads makes to be possible aware of the environment, to optimize the proposed railroads and its corrective measures, to facilitate the election and have "zero statements" in the public information as a legal process. However, if this procedure is used in Spain, we may have better infrastructures adapted to their environment and they should also be more sustainable.

Keywords: Public participation, basic project, study, railroad, high-speed railway, public involvement, design, project.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 3 - February 2012, pp. 113-123


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