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Study of the impact of Technical Specifications for Interoperability in permeabilization works on the spanish Railway Network of General Interest


Author/s: María Alcover Gil, Pedro Alcover Gil, Saray Segado Jiménez, María Remedios Tormo Climent

Technical specifications for interoperability are created in order to ensure interoperability between the railway systems of all the European Union member countries. This study focuses on the specification related to the subsystem of the conventional trans-European rail system by comparing it with the railway permeabilization works, ie underpasses and overpasses on conventional railway platforms, have been designed and built.

Keywords: Interoperability, technical specifications, infrastructure, loading gauge, directive, EN 15273, IAPF-2007, IAPF-1975.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 3 February 2012, pp. 21-36


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