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Simulation of Accessibility to Railway Vehicles


Author/s: Juan Carlos Carrasco Giménez, José Luis Porras Caballero, Diego Pedrosa Espinosa

Peoples’ accessibly to the mode of transport, is one of the main inconveniences that appears during transport operations, in particular for rail travel. A new electromechanical system has been developed to analyse this problem. The system located at the Station Laboratory, of the ADIF’s Railway Technologies Centre, allows multiple accessibility scenarios on any platform to be simulated. This system is characterized by its great versatility, allowing the adoption of the required configuration to simulate any current RENFE’s train, historical rolling stock, trains currently under design or even future designs.

Keywords: Accessibility,TSI , gauge, platform, interoperability, PRM.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 6 - July 2013, pp. 93-107


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