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Railway operating

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[Artículo] - High-speed rail in developing countries and potential inequalities of use: the case of Morocco 
Marie Delaplace 
[Artículo] - Intermodal passenger transport in Spanish high-speed rail stations 
César Folgueira, Lorenzo Jaro 
[Artículo] - The demand in a railway corridor after the HSR 
César Folgueira, Lorenzo Jaro 
[Artículo] - Airline and railway disintegration in China: the case of Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub 
Moshe Givoni, Xueming Chen 
[Libro] - The Spanish high-speed network: structuring, expansion and related impacts 
Sergio Martín Cabo 
[Libro] - Impact of high speed lines on the development of the Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencian Community-Murcia Corridor 
Armando Ortuño Padilla 
[Libro] - Track examination and maintenance on the Madrid-Seville high speed line: analysis of the experience and deduction of new maintenance criteria 
Luis Ubalde Claver 
[Libro] - Methodology to estimate the combination of maximum speeds that make it possible to reach the travel time commercially required in a railway infrastructure 
Ignacio González Franco 
[Libro] - Magnitudes, units, indicators and statistics of passenger transport 
Alberto García Álvarez 
[Artículo] - High Speed Network in the United States (USHSRS) - Intercoasts Way San Francisco-Washington D.C. (Central Side) 
Luis Fort López-Tello, Carmen Fort Santa-María 
[Libro] - Demand in passenger transport. Generation, evolution and modal split 
Alberto García Álvarez 
[Libro] - Double track in Spain and the direction of travel of the trains running on it 
Alberto García Álvarez 
[Artículo] - High speed as a need to increase the share of long-distance rail traffic 
Alberto García Álvarez 
[Artículo] - High Speed ​​Network in the United States 
Luis Fort López-Tello, Carmen Fort Santa-María 
[Artículo] - Optimization of High Speed ​​Rates 
Alberto García Álvarez y Álvaro Rubio García 
[Artículo] - Railway applications to help the exploitation of management control traffic centers in railway network 
Juan Carlos Enrique Gordillo 
[Artículo] - The unwanted effect of the predetermination of the fare on the costbenefit analysis of the new high-speed infrastructures  
Alberto García Álvarez, Ignacio González Franco, Álvaro Rubio García 
[Artículo] - An up-to-date view of the competition between the high-speed train and the plane 
Judith Fernández Jáñez 
[Artículo] - Bayesian Railway Localization System Based on Raw GNSS Measurements and Inertial Sensors 
Omar García Crespillo 
[Artículo] - Study of Aerodynamics problem resulted when high speed trains pass freight trains on mixed traffic lines 
Marta Jiménez Cobo 

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