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Study of the fiber-reinforced composites behavior used for railway vehicles


Author/s: Juan Luis Martínez Vicente

In this document, the experimental and numerical procedure followed to develop the Master Thesis “Study of the fiber-reinforced composite’s behavior under biaxial loading” is summarized. Its main results and conclusions achieved are also shown.
Throughout this study uniaxial and biaxial tests are developed in order to characterize the material to observe its behavior under multiaxial loads. The material is a composite of polyester matrix reinforced with glass fiber, used in the manufacture of the internal and external parts of subway, regional trains, and medium and long distance.

Keywords: Rail Transport. Composite. Polyester matrix. Glass Fiber chopped. Finite Element Method. Biaxial Testing.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 6 - July 2013, pp. 07-21


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