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Development and application of energy optimization models in a railway environment: from railway design to ecodriving


Author/s: Duarte Silva, Carlos J. L. Martins

This paper aims to describe and to analyze some of the characteristics and results concerning the development and application of new mathematical models conceived forthe optimization of running speed profiles as well as the traction energy consumed in the railway operation.First we show the basic principles and strengths of the models and afterwards discuss the importance of the use of different mathematical models in the whole process of energy optimization showing the results of some trials already done. In the swifter models we emphasize their potential in anin-cab optimization use which gives them ecodriving potential.
Finally important conclusions are drawn regarding the potential savings in energy consumption, especially for different types of rolling stock, infrastructure conditions and schedules.

Keywords: Optimization, algorithm, ecodriving, energy, railway.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research - Nº 5


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