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                                                                         International Congress on High-speed Rail:
                                                                             Technologies and Long Term Impacts
                                                                              Ciudad Real (Spain), Octubre, 2017

                                                      This Special Issue of the journal joints a set of selected papers
                                                  presented in the International Congress on High Speed Rail that took
                                                  place  on 4-6 October 2017 at the University  of Castilla La  Mancha
                                                  in Ciudad Real to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Madrid
                                                  Seville HSR corridor.
                                                      The congress plenary and parallel sessions were divided in three
                                                  days: the first and the third ones in Ciudad Real and the second was
                                                  held in Sevilla, moving the participants on board of an Special High Speed
                                                  Train (Miguel de Cervantes) service between Ciudad Real and Sevilla. In
                                                  particular, the commemorative video that was projected on board of
                                                  the train can be seen following that link:
                                                      Regarding to the objective of the Congress, it was thought to evaluate
                                                  the usefulness of High-Seed Rail system under a quintuple perspective:

                                                      •  Long-term implications
                                                      •  Multidisciplinary scientific approach
                                                      •  Transport relevance
                                                      •  Territorial development

                                                      •  Technology development and diffusion
                                                      The social cost and usefulness of the High Speed Rail system has
                                                  been abundantly studied prior to and shortly after the introduction
                                                  of this new transport mode. With this fact in mind, this Congress tried
                                                  to focus on a long-term perspective on its costs and benefits and on a
                                                  technology development and diffusion perspective. In fact, high speed
                                                  rail systems have already been in operation for just over half a century
                                                  in Japan and for 35 years in France. Thus, it was possible to debate its
                                                  pros and cons considering an important time span.

                                                      Finally, this International Congress combined several High Speed Rail
                                                  system point of view such as superstructure, infrastructure and rolling
                                                  material optimization, economic, urban and territorial development,
                                                  sustainability and energy savings, and safety.

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