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Customer personalisation and service efficiency: the pillars
                       of the new Renfe business policy                                                   455
                       Cañamero, Francisco

                       Atlas-rail: geo-referenced database on high-speed                                  463
                       Martín Cabo, Sergio. Mesa Santos, Luis Eduardo. Palacio Vijande, Iván.

                       High Speed Rail in Spain - a statement from a foreign expert                       477
                       Andersen, Sven.

                       High Speed Railway in Saudi Arabia: Lessons to be learnt from
                       the Spanish experience                                                             511
                       Ortega, Alejandro. Almujibah, Hamad. Preston, John.
                       Methodology to determine the optimal design speed in a High-Speed Line             531
                       González Franco, Ignacio

                   International Congress on High-speed Rail: Technologies and Long Term Impacts - Ciudad Real (Spain) - 25th anniversary Madrid-Sevilla corridor  5
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