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                       1. IMPACTS ON MOBILITY

                       The demand in a railway corridor after the HSR                                      9
                       Folgueira, César. Jaro, Lorenzo.

                       Intermodal passenger transport in Spanish high-speed rail stations                 25
                       Jaro, Lorenzo. Folgueira, César.

                       High-speed rail in developing countries and potential inequalities of use:
                       the case of Morocco                                                                37
                       Delaplace, Marie.
                       Airline and railway disintegration in China:
                       the case of Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub                             61
                       Givoni, Moshe. Chen, Xueming.

                       2. URBAN IMPACTS

                       The rail traveller, pedestrian or customer? Passenger flow and retail: critical
                       boundary objects in HS Station development                                         81
                       Baron, Nacima.
                       South Madrid and High Speed. An example of symbiosis                               99
                       Ayrault Pérez, Juan.
                       Central versus Peripheral High-Speed Rail Stations: Opportunities For Companies
                       to Relocate? The cases of Reims Central Station and Champagne-Ardenne Station      137
                       Beckerich, Christophe. Benoit, Sylvie. Delaplace, Marie.

                       Which way to the city centre? Pedestrian itineraries between High Speed Rail
                       stations and historic centres. Assessing urban quality and tourist behaviour
                       through GPS tracks in Toledo.                                                      163
                       Coronado, José María. Moyano, Amparo. Romero de Ávila, Vicente. Rodríguez Lázaro,
                       Francisco Javier. Ruiz Fernández, Rita.

                       Processes, urban impact and evaluation of the high-speed rail in the city
                       of Zaragoza, Spain                                                                 179
                       Fernández-Ges, Andrés.
                       Long Term Implications of HSR on Small cities: Ciudad Real and Puertollano
                       revisited 25 years after the arrival of the HSR                                    207
                       Coronado, José María. Ureña, José María.

                       Impacts of station accessibility and regional heterogeneity on HSR ridership       225
                       Kim, Junghwa. Li, Yeun-Touh. Schmöcker, Jan-Dirk.

                       High-speed rail and urban development in Spain from 1992 to 2016                   239
                       Miralles i Garcia, José Luis.

                   International Congress on High-speed Rail: Technologies and Long Term Impacts - Ciudad Real (Spain) - 25th anniversary Madrid-Sevilla corridor  3
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