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Study of Transit-Oriented Development model implementation on the
                    surroundings of Alicante high-speed rail station                                   257
                    Bautista Rodríguez, David. Ortuño Padilla, Armando. Fernández Aracil, Patricia.
                    Sánchez Galiano, Juan Carlos. Mompó Guerra, Antonio.
                    Urban Regeneration on railway lands                                                277
                    Pérez del Caño García, Silvia.


                    KEYNOTE. The railway station as link of electromobilty                             291
                    Berrios Villalba, Antonio. Martínez Acevedo, José Conrado.Tobajas Guerra, Carlos.
                    Gómez Alors, Antonio.

                    Regional diffusion and adoption effects on HSR demand expansion                    311
                    Kim, Junghwa. Schmöcker, Jan-Dirk. Li, Yeun-Touh. Demizu, Fumiaki.

                    Perspectives of territorial development linked to the future high-performance
                    rail lines in Eastern Andalusia.                                                   325
                    Grindlay, Alejandro Luis. Huertas-Fernández, Miguel. Molero-Melgarejo, F. Emilio.
                    A methodological approach to analyze the territorial appropriation
                    of high-speed rail from interactions between actions and representations
                    of local actors                                                                    345
                    Facchinetti-Mannone, Valérie

                    The configurations of Chinese national urban systems in both high-speed
                    railway and airline networks                                                       363
                    Yang, Haoran. Dobruszkes, Frédéric. Wang, Jiao’e.Dijst, Martin.
                    Sustainability of HSR as a mass transportation mode in terms of efficient
                    use of natural resources                                                           387
                    Watson, Inara. Amer, Ali. Bayyati, Ali.
                    Impactos del AVE en la cohesión territorial: Un análisis de los cambios
                    en la accesibilidad en el periodo 1990-2015                                        405
                    Monzón, Andrés. López, Elena. Ortega, Emilio.


                    ”LOS ANGELES-BOSTON: 20h on High Speed”                                            417
                    Fort, Luis. Fort, Carmen.
                    Low cost in high-speed train in France. Customer-king and the public
                    service guillotine                                                                 431
                    Dressen, Marnix

                    Evolution of the role of the Consultant Engineer in High-speed Railway Projects
                    along the last 25 years, in Spain                                                  445
                    Escobar, Adrián. Rico, Enrique. Escobar, Jorge.

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